Complete Cycle

“Completeness of order, marking the entire round of anything, is, therefore, the ever-present signification of the number ten. It implies that nothing is wanting; that the number and order are perfect; that the whole cycle is complete.”
E. W. Bullinger, “Number in Scripture,” 243

Life (Eternal)

“5 and 10 are considered numbers of life…”
(Michael Schneider, Oral Interview, via YouTube)


“The number 10 appears to represent perfection (spiritual) and wholeness (physical) often in connection with time…Though 10 occasionally appears alone, it most often is used in multiplying other numbers, to amplify their meaning.”
Val Brinkerhoff, “The Day Star: Reading Sacred Architecture” (Book 2), 69-70


“Maasar,מַעֲשֵׂר: a tenth; especially a tithe:– tenth (part), tithe(-ing).”
Strong’s Concordance


See “Perfection”